Sumie Class Experience

SumieDoodle SumieDoodle SumieDoodle

In this activity, you'll be taught how to paint bamboo, san-sui landscape, and more in sumi-e painting. You'll paint 4-5 pieces in an hour in the class.

What is special? / Sumie Workshop

There is no mistake in sumie painting, especially in the sumie class. Sumie can make you free from all including sadness and bad mood and so on. Adults and children can enjoy painting together at the same moment. It also makes you go over the all walls of generations, nations, genders, and more. Sumie is easy and simple and interesting, so we can do it easily. In this point, it could be called Momentary Painting. That's because children can paint 10-20 paintings in an hour and they can keep their concentrations in the entire class without any boring. That's amazing things. Please check out about Children in usual. You can find the sumie class great. Anyway, Sumie is so fun and easy, and simple.
That makes you have fun. That makes you glad and happy. That makes you smile naturally. Why not do it?

Over 200 people from a whole world enjoyed SUMIE in over 100 times of the classes!!

Not only adults but children enjoyed painting very much. Indian ink and rice paper and Janapanes brushes gives you a great experience. Stroking a lot of lines makes you concentrated naturally. Expressing in sumie way makes you happy. In which there is no differences between ages. It is for any ages. After finishing the class, they would get something new and great.

Let's enjoy sumi-e painting!



Cost : 2,000 yen per person (1h)
Includes materials and art instruments.

Starting Time : 13:00/15:00
Please check out our web site for the information of the store open/close.

Location : Toyokuni Atelier Gallery

Capacity : 1-4 people

Place : Toyokuni Atelier Gallery (Map & Directions)

Instructor : Yuta Honda (the master of the gallery)

Credit card : Accepted(VISA, Master Card, American Express)

Mostly, the class is one on one. Privated.
For all ages. I welcome your families!

Attention :
Please just bring yourself.
We take care of everything to paint. And please come in older clothing - Your clothes may get some paint on them. English speaker is available.

Option / Making a gift of Japan by yourself

SumieDoodle SumieDoodle
Extra Cost : 1,000 yen per person
(includes Square paper and Extra time for it)
*You need to take the sumie class Experience.
Let's make a gift of Japan by yourself! You will paint on a special square paper(Shikishi) in sumie painting. You need to make a reservation for it before the day.

Reservations and Inquiries

Yuta Honda from Toyokuni Atelier Gallery by HONDA WORKS


Please make a researvation for the sumie class on email.
Please let me know
1.Your Name, 2.Numbers of persons, 3.Date and starting time.
*Please set your security app enable to get email from before your setting email.



"Review and Overall rating on" English

Sumi-e Class "Experience" English

"First time experience SUMIE" English

Yuta Honda / Instructor

Sumie Instructor / The director of the Toyokuni Atelier gallery / A son of Sumie master Toyokuni Honda

I started a sumie class Experience for international people on April 2015. I have participated in a lot of sumie classes of the Master Toyokuni Honda as a director or a facilitator since 2009. I turned the class into not only lesson but also entertaining one. I made it simpler and easier than father's class. That's why particularly the beginners of painters and tourists love this class. Not only adults but also children can have so much fun with sumie painting easily. Enjoying first, anyway paint something. I want to remove all of sadness away from the world with sumie painting.

Hi I'm Yuta! Anyway I want to see you and share fun of sumie painting and Japanese calture with you at the gallery. I want you to come just to talk with me about everything and anything. Please make a local friendship with me!
Thank you,

SumieDoodle SumieDoodle SumieDoodle SumieDoodle
Actually, there is a secret in a human figure of paintings...A mystery will be solved in the class!

To the organizers

I have the PDF files for you to hold the sumie event. It has about the cost, the preparations, and the details. Please don't hesitate to ask me about.

Sumie Materials to paint

What is Sumie painting?

Sumie is known as Ink Wash Painting or Black And White Painting in the world. It's the one of the traditional ways of painting in Japan. Sumie is painted in Indian Ink with brushes on Japanese unique paper. Usually, it is expressed drawing lines and making gradations and a few coloring by Japanese pigment colors. When Sumie painters express something, they are trying to make the motifs symbolized simply, because there is not any lines in the world indeed. We can feel lines but no lines exist. So they need to symbolized anything they paint.
That is very interesting point of Sumie painting. That means when we do a sumie painting, we paint all in our heads before expressing. We complete it at once in our heads. That's why children also has so much fun with adults at the same moment. I found it a few years ago, so I can understand I should have the sumie class Experience and Doodle for all over the world.

Sumie Doodle

Sumie Doodle / 墨絵おえかき

What's Sumie Doodle?

Sumie Doodle is painting in Sumi-ink with Fude brushes on Washi paper. That's so simple and easy. I have enjoyed it with a lot of children and the visitors to this country around everyday.

Sumie Doodle at Shinagawa Sumie Doodle at Hachiouji Sumie Doodle at Fukushima

For children

It’s a great time for children. They have so much fun and make a bright smile. They can release off their sadness and some negative feelings at the moment. They will smile and smile in painting and after painting. And they make the chain of smiles with their family and friends and people around them, connecting with smile and smile.

Sumie Doodle at Shibuya Sumie Doodle at Shinjuku SumieDoodle at Elementary School in Tokyo

For intergenerational exchanges

It's not easy to control to draw lines with a fude brush. That's why they children and adults can begin to paint Sumie Doodle from the same starting line. That makes them so much fun. In this point, no differences between adults and children. Adults can get a lot impacts with big imaginations and creativities of children.
This is the most wonderful way to have communications each other.

Sumie Doodle at Tokyo Sumie Doodle at Tokyo Sumie Doodle at Tokyo

For cultural exchanges

Sumie Doodle is simple but profound painting. It's also interesting. It would be the mostly simplest and deepest enjoyment in the world. Doodle and uncontrollable lines would attract you with painting more and more.
Do you feel it wonderful thing that we all of people in the world are painting the same one painting at the same time?

Chain of smiles

When all of the guests get back their home, they would smile. They all make a happily smile. As children got smile, their parents would also have a smile with seeing them laugh and smile. After getting back their home, their grandparents would also make a smile with their smiling. It's the Chain of Smile. Smile produces smiles. It would be a small thing, but important.
We can have Sumie Doodle classes EVERYWHERE. Please don't hesitate to email us to get more informations if you have an interest of this. Our purpose is spreading some fun with sumie on a traditional culture of Japan. Sumie Doodle can make your sad mood happy and fine in 15 mins. And it would save the world!!! Let's come together with us for our future!!

The power of Doodle

A doodle has a great power, not only Sumie but also other materials. According to “Psychology Today”, doodle would make some bad mood better around 15 minutes. It would make the painter get relaxing. And more GOOD things was confirmed on it.

The brochure

I have the brochure about Sumie Doodle on PDF. Please don't hesitate to ask me or let me know on email to, if you would like to get it. It's including the cost and the setting and more.

SumieDoodle Sumie Doodle at the Shopping Mall SUNAMO Sumie Doodle at Manpaku in National Showa Kinen Park

Events Records by Yuta Honda

●Toyokuni Atelier Gallery / Sumie class Experience
With a lot of the visitors to Japan(English Class)
●Coto Language Academy / Workshops for the students
●Kudan elementary school in Chiyoda, Tokyo/ Sumie Doodle
●Hanabi Festival in Hachioji
●Friends Hommachi(The public hall) in Shibuya / Workshops for children
●Shinjuku Creaters Festa(Organaized by Shinjuku Ward) / Workshops for children
●Mendel Elementary School in Yokota Air Base of the US / Sumie Doodle for over 500 children
●Clarendon Alternative Elementary School in San Francisco / 4 classes for children & adults
●Children's Day Sumie Doodle / Sumie Doodle for children at the Shopping Mall SUNAMO
●Manpaku in National Showa Kinen Park / Sumie Doodle for children
2018/5/17、6/2、6/3(with Seibu Railway Co.,Ltd.) and more.
●Ayukawa elementary school in Ishinomaki Miyagi / Sumie Doodle for children
●After school Bremen in Ishinomaki Miyagi / Sumie Doodle for children
●Art Adventure in Nerima Tokyo / Sumie Doodle for children

*And more activities available directed by Yuta Honda. For example, the sumie events in Tohoku Japan areas and in Laguna Beach Art-A-Fair in CA, USA, and more.

Inquiry about Sumie Doodle

Yuta Honda from Toyokuni Atelier Gallery by HONDA WORKS




日本語(For Japanese people)


Media / メディア掲載
産経新聞WEB版 「「私だけ」訪日体験プランが外国人客に大受け 墨絵体験、相撲の朝稽古、芸者体験…」 (2016/9/4)
FMヨコハマ SUNSTAR WEEKEND JOURNEY 出演(2017年2月5日22:00〜22:30放送(大阪近郊FM COCOLO:2/4(土)23:00〜))

Toyokuni Atelier Gallery

Toyokuni Atelier Gallery

Toyokuni Atelier in Tokyo Toyokuni Atelier in Tokyo Toyokuni Atelier in Tokyo

Original gifts of Japan

We have a lot of Sumie ink wash paintings, woodcut prints, paintings on the rock, T-shirts and more gifts of Japan. Also you can get postcards, mug cups, picture books(English subtitled), iPhone case and more. Let's get them as Japanese souvenir. And you can have some fun with sumie class Experience. You can be a sumie painter easily. Of course children can have fun. Let's come enjoy it with all your family!
I'm looking forward to seeing YOU!

Thank you.


Post Number:101-0051 / 3-1-13-1F Kanda Jimbocho Chiyoda Tokyo Japan


5 mins by walk from Exit No.6 of Kudanshita Station of Metro.
3 mins by walk from Exit A1 of Jimbocho Station of Metro.


12:00 to 17:00(*irregular holidays)
*Reservation first.


Original LINE Sticker オリジナルLINEスタンプ

Here's the original LINE Sticjers. Nyanda and Circlion are available!!
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