Sumie Class Experience


Sumie ink wash / black and white painting is one of the famous traditional culture in Japan. Simple and easy but so much fan.
In this activity, you'll be taught how to paint bamboo, san-sui landscape, and more in sumie painting. You'll paint 4-5 pieces in an hour in the class.
There are no mistakes in our sumi-e lesson. There is also no good or bad in painting because it's your masterpiece. That is sumi-e painting. All of you will have fun and of course children can also join. They might even be better than adults…they have an insatiable imagination. After the class, you will all be painters of sumi-e. Easy and fun! Let's try to paint!
Let's have some fun with sumie painting!

Cost : 2,000 yen per person (1h)
Includes materials and art instruments.
Start Time : 13:00/15:00/17:00
on open days except every Saturday and irregular holidays.
Please check out our web site for the information of open/close.
Location : Toyokuni Atelier Gallery
Capacity : 1-4 people
Place : Toyokuni Atelier Gallery (Tokyo, Japan:Map & Directions)
Instructor : Yuta Honda (the master of the gallery)
Credit card : Accepted(VISA, Master Card, American Express)

Attention :
Please just bring yourself. We take care of everything to paint. And please come in older clothing - Your clothes may get some paint on them. Friendly English speaker available.

Reservations and Inquiries
Toyokuni Atelier Gallery by HONDA WORKS
Please make a researvation for a class on e-mail. Please let me us 1.Your Name, 2.Number of persons, 3.Date and starting time.


Sumi-e Class "Experience" Review *English
First time experience SUMIE(Review) *English subtitles

Sumie Doodle / 墨絵おえかき


Sumie Doodle is painting in Sumi-ink with Fude brushes on Washi paper. That's so simple and easy. I have enjoyed it with a lot of children and the visitors to this country around everyday.
We can have Sumie Doodle classes EVERYWHERE. Please email us if you have an interest of this. Our purpose is spreading some fun with sumie on a traditional culture of Japan. Sumie Doodle can make your sad mood happy and fine in 15 mins. And it would save the world!!! Let's come together with us for our future!!


産経新聞WEB版 「「私だけ」訪日体験プランが外国人客に大受け 墨絵体験、相撲の朝稽古、芸者体験…」 (2016/9/4)
FMヨコハマ Sunstar Weekend Journey 出演(2017年2月5日22:00〜22:30放送(大阪近郊FM COCOLO:2/4(土)23:00〜))

Toyokuni Atelier Gallery


We have a lot of Sumie ink wash paintings, woodcut prints, paintings on the rock, T-shirts and more. Also you can get postcards, mug cups, picture books(English subtitled), iPhone case and more. Let's get them as Japanese souvenir. And you can have some fun with sumie class Experience. You can be a sumie painter easily. Of course children can have some fun. too! Let's come enjoy it with all your family!
I'm looking forward to seeing YOU!
Thank you.

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Donation / Call for sponcer

Please help me to do this project Sumie Doodle. You can help me in any way, giving me the chance to have a class. Everything you do helps me. And please come see me to the gallery! Thank you.

HONDA WORKS welcomes sponsorships from companies and organizations of all kinds. We are excited to offer our sponsors the benefits listed on right, and to discuss specific needs and oppotunities that further meet eachsponsor's needs.

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